Official Supplier of St. Joseph’s Priory

Mercado Templario is now the official supplier for St. Joseph’s Priory of the Grand Priory of Canada, Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. all members of the priory ordering from Mercado Templario can do so with a smile, knowing that their getting exactly what’s been approved by the Priory while also knowing a good portion of the profits from every order is going back to the Priory, the Grand Priory and the International Administion of the Order.

The Significance of Templar Uniforms

The esteemed Templar uniform holds profound significance within the Templar Order, embodying a rich tapestry of tradition, unity, and commitment. Encouraging every Templar to acquire and wear the uniform fosters a deep sense of belonging and solidarity, serving as a tangible representation of the Order’s enduring values. This sartorial emblem not only pays homage to the historical legacy of the Templars but also unites members across generations and geographical boundaries, reinforcing their shared dedication to upholding the noble ideals of chivalry, honor, and service.

The uniform symbolizes adherence to tradition and values, and stands as a potent reminder of the esteemed heritage of the Templar Order. In essence, it serves as a visible testament to the enduring spirit of the Order, reflecting its timeless commitment to unity, honor, and service. Through the donning of the uniform, every Templar becomes part of a legacy that transcends time, solidifying their role as stewards of the Order’s noble legacy.

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